Ecstasy Pills Containing Ketamine Have Been Found


On August 28 a woman was pronounced dead after being taken to King’s College Hospital from apparent overdose. The cause was actually discovered to be the consumption of ecstasy pills that also contained ketamine.

The woman was out with her male friend at Crystals Club in Lewisham, South London. She was rushed to the hospital after falling ill at a house in Knights Hill, West Norwood. Her male friend was also taken to the hospital, but has been discharged since. From this residence the police seized unmarked orange triangular pills that were tested to contain MDMA and ketamine. The pills were assumed to have been bought and taken at Crystals Club.

Many people took the same ecstasy pills at Electric Brixton. They claimed to experience negative side effects but did not seek further medical attention. A 17-year old boy was taken to the hospital from that event and is in critical condition.

All three of the people who took the orange ecstasy pills have been of Vietnamese decent. Police officials are now warning the public of the risks of taking those pills. The South-East Asian community has especially been warned and alerted about the pills because of the recent incidents. Warnings have also been issued for pink teddy bear and IKEA pills after people in Manchester fell ill after consuming them.

Last year nearly 3,744 people died of drug poisoning in England and Wales. This was the highest number of drug related deaths on record. Seventy percent of those deaths were from drug misuse.