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Estiva – Raket


Estiva – Raket

Steven Baan is the man behind the well known Estiva alias. His sound translates the progressive and modern trance essence of the spectrum of Dance music. He is out with his new track ‘Raket‘ off Armin Van Buuren‘s Armada Records. He remains a unique DJ/producer who spreads his music all around the world from gigs in India to LA.

Raket‘ starts with a House music like kick drums. The pattern remotely reminds you of ‘Greyhound’ from Swedish House Mafia but quickly transitions into a skipping bassline blending into a melodic tension filled progressive tune. His authenticity is apparent in the track as it also contains flashing laser beams effects. The track seems to be tailor made for the ASOT stages across different festivals. There’s a good chance we might see that happen in the near future. All in all ‘Raket‘ has quite a fresh progressive feel to it that we enjoyed. Let us know how you feel about it.

Estiva – Raket

Anjunastar (Mayank)
Like my writing name suggests, I'm one who's soul is aroused by most sub genres of dance music especially Above & Beyond's. I'm no connoisseur but with the intensity my curiousness is fuelled by my inclinations, I might become one. If you walk across a house in Halifax, Canada that always has its bass up and a cool looking guy shuffling, that is probably my den 😉
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