Excision & Space Laces – Throwin’ Elbows (Getter & Virtual Riot Remix)


Excision & Space Laces

¬†Excision & Space Laces – Throwin’ Elbows (Getter & Virtual Riot Remix)

‘Throwin’ Elbows’ is a killer track on its own. But, the track gets a lot filthier with this remix from Virtual Riot and Getter. The union between the four artists involved in this track should strike a chord in the headbanging scene. That’s because this track is a combination of filthy dubstep and trap. The energy brought is unbelievable and will make you want to start moshing and throwing elbows.

The song builds up with a metal-inspired guitar riff that explodes into the first drop. There’s a guarantee that it will have you throwing your body like a rag doll. Furthermore, the energy doesn’t seem to ever fade. After a quick break to give yourself some room, the song throws you back into the drop. It’s a constant battle of push pull so give yourself some room and jam to the track below!