Fransis Derelle Discusses Background and More at Imagine Music Festival


Fransis Derelle’s melodic and bass sound has been busting through the dance music world recently. The Utah born DJ recently released his first single ‘Hollywood Dream‘ off his upcoming Pixel Paradise EP. Now with an upcoming tour and jam packed schedule for 2018 the young DJ and anime lover is taking his career into high gear. We had the opportunity to chat with Derelle at the recent Imagine Music Festival that took place at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

1How is it being back in Atlanta for Imagine?

It’s really cool! I haven’t been here since 2005 so its really cool to be back in the scene.

2How did you get into EDM being from Utah?

I actually get that question a lot! Honestly, It’s weird. I was in a math class I heard some kids talking about a rave thrown by V2 Presents called Legends. I was kinda eavesdropping cus it was all the cool kids talking I guess you could say. They were talking about that the show was going on for New Years so I actually told my friends,”Hey we should go check the show out!”. So we ended up going to the show. It was a RAVE. It was something I had never seen before because I was into hip hop at that point. From that moment I was amazed by the culture and everything about it. Ever since then I’ve been addicted to it.

3Who was the DJ that you saw that was your inspiration, that made you get into DJing?

Deadmau5. I saw Deadmau5 at the second rave that I ever went to. ‘I Remember’ is literally what got me to where I am at right now.

4He’s playing tonight so you must really be looking forward to his set!?

Oh, He’s a legend. No matter what people say, Deadmau5 IS a legend.

5You just came out with a new song ‘Hollywood Dream’. What was the inspiration for that song and how did you come up with it?

I wrote that Christmas Morning so it has a Christmas vibe. I was in my room and while my mom was cooking food I was writing music. I wrote the song and never really planned on putting it out, I wrote it just to write it. Then Lisa Cimorelli was working with a lady who was looking for people to work with. So I sent her that track kinda like yeah, whatever…and she sent me back something amazing. That’s how ‘Hollywood Dream’ came to be.

6For people who aren’t familiar with your sound, how would you describe your sound?

I would say depends on my mood. It’s really melodic and “futurey”, futurebass-like. But yeah I definitely try to incorporate a lot of things that people can relate too. Specially a lot of future bass stuff. Sometimes when I’m playing a future bass song I’ll add a trap drop. I want to look at music from my perspective and as like someone in the crowd. Melodic and Heavy, that’s what I would say.

7So you came out with an EP last year called Confessions. Are you working on another EP right now?

Yes, actually I have another EP coming out next month. It’s called Pixel Paradise¬†on Circus Records. ‘Hollywood Dream’ is the first song off the EP. I have another single coming out. I have a lot dope people on the new EP, a lot of dope vocalists. So that’ll be out here pretty soon.

8So I heard your into Anime! Do you take any influence from Anime, e.g. the music they use?

Oh Yeah, That’s my thing! I do actually take inspiration from anime. A lot of sounds I use are anime inspired. I guess you could say the cutesy future bass music comes from it. Like the beginning theme songs, the ending theme songs. I draw a lot of inspiration from those songs and the animes that I watch.

9Especially Final Fantasy, Right?

Thats my favorite game of all – Final Fantasy is the best thing that has happened in my life! I actually have Final Fantasy VII in my backpack right now on a PSP. It’s been my travel game. I also have Final Fantasy VIII and it keeps my entertained while I travel.

10What has been your favorite festival stage you have been to?

I would probably say Cosmic Meadows at EDC. Watching sets from the stands is AMAZING. I’ve been to EDC seven years now and Cosmic Meadows has always been my favorite stage.

11What’s your favorite food on tour?

I’m really digging Nachos! Fries with meat, those are awesome! Also Chicken Tenders! Every festival has amazing chicken tenders I don’t know why that is, but there’s something about chicken tenders at festivals that make them so good.

12What can we expect from you in the future?

I’m definitely trying to get back to doing more collaborations, so definitely look out for more of those soon. Tour Dates are coming soon as well. Definitely want to get more on the road, into the circuit. We’re definitely working on 2018 pretty heavy right now.