Markus Schulz’ Studio Looted During Hurricane Irma


Markus Schulz may be in Argentina during Hurricane Irma but the effects of the storm have certainly hit him hard. Irma hit Miami with strong winds resulting in a big storm surge but that’s not the reason for Schulz’s agony.

Unfortunately the trance legend was affected by something extremely common this hurricane season in the US, looting. Hurricane Irma was predicted to be a direct hit to the east coast just a few days ago which led to a massive evacuation. Some of those who decided to stay behind however thought the storms shift presented an opportune time to break into buildings and steal whatever they could get their hands on.

As it turns out one victim of the looters was Schulz’s studio Coldharbour Recordings. In this case nobody was hurt but something very sentimental was taken, Markus Schulz’s award the Pioneer gold mixer he received for winning DJ Times’ America’s Best DJ a few years ago. Here’s hoping the authorities catch those despicable looters and toss them in jail.