REZZ x Nitti Gritti – Will You Collab W Me? (Someday)


 Rezz x Nitti Gritti – Will You Collab W Me? (Someday)

Over the last few years, REZZ has been overflowing with success. Her recent album Mass Manipulation is an undeniable hit and she is currently on a mostly sold-out tour. Her talent and presence in the dance world are impossible to ignore, thus making her a highly sought-after artist to collaborate with. This sentiment resonates very deeply with bass DJ Nitti Gritti. In hopes of making a collab between him and REZZ a reality, Nitti Gritti used the power of the internet to grab some attention.

From what I can gather in the preview he made, ‘Will You Collab W Me‘ is a simple yet incredibly funky snippet with a mellow bassy undertone. It has that signature dark broody sound that REZZ is known for but it has a slightly more light danceable groove to it.

This is the subtle beauty of the internet: endless possibilities. Nitti Gritti wants to collab with REZZ? He went ahead and made a Soundcloud proposal in hopes that it would gather enough buzz to grab her attention.

The short preview is merely a taste of what is to come from the rest of this possible track. REZZ hasn’t shown any responses just yet, but we will just have to wait and see what comes of this experiment. Take a listen below and admire the handmade cover art.

REZZ x Nitti Gritti – Will You Collab W Me? (Someday)