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Sacha Robotti Discusses New North American Tour, “SlothAcid” Sound, Favorite Tracks and More [INTERVIEW]

The Italian-German, Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Sacha Robotti has been on a musical tear over the past year in the best possible way. With a combination of new music, a just-launched tour across North America – wonderfully and creatively named SlothAcid – and a number of appearances at festivals internationally, he’s trademarked his own signature sound and kept thousands on dance floors across the globe moving and grooving along the way. Robotti has also released track after track in the past year on heavy-hitting, top-notch labels including Dirtybird, Suara and Insomniac, as well as This Ain’t Bristol and Desert Heart Records – just to name a few.

In sum? This is an artist you should pay attention to.

We had the opportunity to chat with Robotti after a few stops on the tour to hear about his history with festival experiences, the inspiration behind his new tour SlothAcid, his work in the studio and more.

You have quite the track record, with a killer list of festivals you’ve played in 2016 and 2017. Which have you loved the most so far? Are there any festivals you haven’t played yet that you hope to one day?

It’s hard to point out a favorite as they all have unique vibes, and I have special memories from every one of those festivals. Burning Man is definitely way up there, I also love Dirtybird Campout, Lightning In A Bottle, Desert Hearts, Nocturnal, BPM Mexico (rip).. I would love to play at Movement Detroit! Also Tomorrowland and I love Techno in Belgium.


So your current tour is called SlothAcid – we love how unique that name is. What was the inspiration behind that name, and the cover art for the tour?

Since I’ve used a sloth logo for my warehouse parties in LA this past year, the sloth has become a spirit animal that has been increasingly associated with my artist persona. Sloths are an endangered species and are friendly, chill creatures who like to sleep a lot and seem to live happily in the moment—qualities I can relate to, especially today in our performance-driven society. The legend goes that magic sloth candy blew minds during my set at Desert Hearts Festival 2017, after which I started using the term “Slothacid” to describe the style of electronic music that I like to play out at festivals and clubs: a mix of groovy, emotional, weird, psychedelic music with tough beats that hopefully will take you on a journey through space-time.

It probably sounds bonkers, but the inspiration for the cover art was to show the metamorphosis from robot to sloth, as I had been using a robot head logo for my artist name, that I had printed on shirts and snapbacks. I wanted to reflect that metamorphosis in an epic Rick & Morty style battle between gigantic cyber sloths and robots. Jason Flugum and Mikal Brucken did great work, I’m proud of them!


You’ve been on tour for a few weeks now. Which has been your favorite stop thus far? Are you looking forward to playing at any specific venues?

All the shows were a success, however Nocturnal Wonderland was the most epic stop on my SlothAcid Tour so far! I’m looking forward to play Dirtybird Campout especially, as well as Skybar Chicago, Grasshopper Detroit, Mezzanine SF, and Praia Urbana Houston.

Is there a particular track you’re digging right now that you like to play in your sets on this tour?

I’ve been road testing some new jams I’ve produced lately and I’m happy how well they’re being received! Especially my collabs with JTJ “Justin Tinderlake” and “Anger MGMT” have been killing it. I also love some of the new Walker & Royce album tracks!

Who have been some of your favorite artists to work with in the studio as of late? Is there anyone you’re hoping to collaborate with on a new tune in the future?

JTJ! He’s dope. You will hear more from him in the future as he’s very motivated and talented. I also produced some tracks with him and Doc Martin, who’s such a wonderful dude and amazing DJ, an OG in the scene who I look up to a lot. I’m open to any and all collabs that expand my mind and horizon, and I’m hoping to find good vocalists, writers, rappers to work with here LA. Hit me up.

You’ve been releasing some massive tracks over the past year – I personally love “Ol Dirty Hearts”. Which has been your favorite new release, and why?

Thank you! I love that track too and it works very well on the dance floor. However I think my faves from this year is my first Dirtybird solo EP that came out in April, with the two tracks “Melato Nina” and “Low Key Goddess”. The fact that it’s my first solo EP on this label, after I released like half a dozen collabs with Claude Vonstroke, Kill Frenzy, Kevin Knapp, Look Like and Justin Jay, makes this record very special to me.


What should we be on the lookout for from you in the coming months?

SlothAcid! Take the trip.

If you’re a Robotti fan and are hoping to catch him live – or if he’s new to you and you’re curious what his SlothAcid sound really sounds like – catch him at one of his upcoming shows:

9/30/2017 – Houston, TX @ Praia Urbana
10/7/2017 – Chicago, IL @ Spybar
10/8/2017 – Bradley, CA @ Dirtybird Campout
10/10/2017 – Las Vegas, NV @ Beauty Bar
10/11/2017– Costa Mesa (OC) @ La Cave
10/12/2017 – Sacramento, CA @ District 30
10/13/2017– Austin, TX @ Ethics
10/14/2017 – Denver, CO @ Vinyl
10/19/2017 – Seattle, WA @ Q Nightclub
10/20/2017 – San Francisco @ Mezzanine (DB Quarterly)
10/21/2017 – Portland, OR @ No Vacancy
10/26/2017 – Detroit, MI @ Grasshopper Underground
10/27/2017 – Albuquerque, NM @ Effex
10/28/2017 – Santa Barbara, CA @ EOS Lounge
10/29/2017 – Orlando, FL @ Elixir
11/3/2017 – El Paso, TX @ Club Here I Love You
11/4/2017 – Phoenix, AZ @ Monarch
11/18/2017 – Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey
12/2/2017 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall


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