Saint WKND & MAX – ‘Survive’


Image result for saint wknd surviveSaint WKND & MAX – ‘Survive’

Following the success of his latest EP, ‘Golden Youth’, Saint WKND has now released yet another single. Partnering up with New York pop-soul singer, MAX, the two produced a new track called ‘Survive’ which was released on Ultra Records. Saint WKND starting receiving recognition after developing his signature sound which is portrayed in his previous remixes M83’s ‘Midnight City’ and Chef Faker’s ‘Lover’. The German producer had the following to say about his new track with MAX:

“‘Survive’ started as an instrumental that I wrote between studio sessions in London. I was just playing around with an arpeggiator at first, liking how it sounded so weird. I sent a package of different beats over to MAX to see if he liked any, and included this one. It was a real surprise when he chose it, it’s so different. Working with him has been amazing – his vocal range is simply insane. As soon as he sent me his first vocals, the whole production for the song fell into place”

Check out the full track below and let us know what you think.

Saint WKND & MAX – ‘Survive’