San Holo Talks Asia, New Music & More


San Holo

1What’s most exciting about playing STORM Shanghai? Have you ever played a major festival in China before?

I’ve heard so much about it so yeah, I’m really looking forward to it! I played at MIDI Festival back in 2011, but not as San Holo. I was playing guitar in a Dutch band at the time but this will be my first time with this project so I’m very excited!

2Where do you see the future of EDM going in Asia?

I think we’ll start to see a lot of EDM festivals and more coming up. I think Ultra just did China too right? At least that’s what my managers said.. Last year I played in Taiwan, Singapore and a few more places for the first time as San Holo and I’m excited to go back to Asia once again to see the development.

3Where has been your favorite place in Asia? Do you have anything you need before you go on or perhaps while on stage such as a drink you enjoy or any kind of snacks?

Ooph, I couldn’t pick a favorite place. Everybody I’ve met in Asia so far is so kind, humble and open to what I’m doing. I think Asia in general is one of my favorites. Asian food is also great, pad thai is one of my favourite touring meals! I like to get into “the zone” before I get on stage, just me alone with my thoughts.

4What can fans expect musically from San Holo over the next year?

They can expect more guitar! I started out playing guitar when I was a teen and ended up studying guitar at the Rotterdam Conservatory here in the Netherlands. I’m trying to involve more guitar in my music as well as on stage. On the next tour I’m bringing my guitar and incorporating it into my live sets!

5What are some interesting facts about you that fans do not know?

I’ve been a vegetarian for about 15 years, I like birds and I think Zoetermeer is the most beautiful city on earth.

6Where did you come up with the name bitbird for your record label?

Bitbird actually started out as an artist name for myself, I made five songs under the name but never released them. So when Thorwald and I were setting up the label we decided to use the name bitbird.