Seven Lions and Kill The Noise Will Collaborate


It’s always exciting news to hear about two superstars joining forces and working on music together. So when American producers Kill The Noise and Seven Lions let the cat out of the bag and tweeted on September 3 that they were heading to the studio together in Seattle, fans gained plenty to get excited for.


Seven Lions (real name: Jeff Montalvo) is best known for melodic dubstep that effortlessly blends multiple genres in emotional productions with gorgeous vocals. Kill The Noise (real name: Jacob Stanczak) is known for intricate sound design with hard-hitting dubstep and electro house productions, and he has been very influential in bass music for several years. Hearing them combine their unique styles into one will be massive, but it won’t be the first time its happened. Kill The Noise previously debuted an unreleased collaboration between the two of them during a set in Denver back in March, and if that unreleased track is any indication, we’re in for a total treat.

There’s no word on when this new collaboration might be released, so we’ll just have to wait and hope it comes soon. The two producers will be joining forces along with Tritonal on the Horizon Tour this fall. The tour runs from October through December and will be stopping by a number of North American cities along the way. You can grab tickets to see them at the official tour website here. While we wait for the tour and the collaboration, you can listen to Kill The Noise and Seven Lions’ previously-unreleased collaboration below.