Tokyo Machine – Bubbles


tokyo machine bubbles

Tokyo Machine – Bubbles

Tokyo Machine is excited to drop his latest single called ‘Bubbles‘. Released by Monstercat, the track represents his signature style and puts glitch hop at another level. The song will remind you of a video game with the animated sounds and hints of chip tune. With the love and support from his fans, we are stoked to see what he has in store. There’s no doubt that this song will give you the bubbly feels!

‘Bubbles’ begin with a fast tempo and unique sounds that will get you addicted to listening. The sounds of bubble drops and pops are what brings this track to life. When you listen to the drop, it gives off a fun and catchy vibe. The melody flows well with the high synths and beats that compliment the mix. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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