Over 2.55 Million Ecstasy Pills are Seized in Turkey’s Largest Drug Bust


Turkish anti-narcotics police units seized over 2.55 million ecstasy pills last Thursday, accompanying 56 kilograms of heroin, 120 kilograms of skunk cannabis, five kilograms of opium gum, 600 kilograms of cocaine and 770 kilograms of acid; this event marked Turkey’s greatest drug bust to date.

Istanbul police intervened after being notified that a massive drug shipment was en route from the Netherlands and Asia to Europe. Law enforcement scrutinized a contraband ridden truck entering Turkey from the Kapıkule Border Gate with Bulgaria.

Detectives devised concurrent raids zeroing in on said truck and related addresses in Istanbul’s Avcılar and Kırklareli’s Babaeski districts and Edirne city center. Once the smuggling and distributing festivities ended in Istanbul’s Beylikdüzü district, officers arrested five suspects.

The same day Turkish cops detained a gentleman named Ahmet K. for trafficking 0.8 liters of illegally obtained cobra venom worth $12.5 million. Ironically, the two incidents are unrelated.