A Hacker Is Turning Fisher-Price Turntables Into Real DJ Decks


A Hacker Is Turning Fisher-Price Turntables Into Real DJ Decks

A man named Daniel Barassi is seemingly a regular guy holding a day job managing the websites for clients such as Depeche Mode. In his free time though, he transforms toy Fisher-Price turntables into real, usable, portable DJ decks. It all began September of last year when he piled up a large collection of 45in vinyls from Atomic Records in Burbank. Storing them all in his garage he wanted a portable deck to play them so he didn’t have to move his Technics 1210s.

He picked out a Fisher-Price portable turntable for the job, but was very unimpressed by the deck’s capabilities so he decided to take matters into his own hands. He upgraded the toy by fitting a Shure M44-7 DJ cartridge on it, installing RCA jacks, an amplifier and transformed the volume slider into a pitch control. Barassi calls his creations Fishure-Price which cost around $200 in new parts to upgrade.

On his official website fishureprice.com he said: “I love to hack. Whether it be sound, video, imagery or physical items, I can’t resist the urge to tinker with the DNA of stuff. The Fishure-Price turntable is a perfect example of tinkering.”

Check out a video of the notorious Fishure-Price in action below.