Alan Walker Pauses Set At Escape Psycho Circus After Attendee Climbs Pillar


Often times at EDM events, there is always someone who does something insane and out of the ordinary. This past weekend, as many festival goers came out to attend Halloween themed parties, many DJs showed up to San Bernardino’s annual Escape: Psycho Circus Festival.

During Alan Walker‘s performance atop the main stage, a female attendee decided to climb up a light pillar. Not only did her actions put herself in danger but it also put other attendees in danger as well. As soon as she was spotted, festival security asked Walker to pause his set to allow the attendee to be brought to safety. The pause of the show led to the crowd being displeased, but the security did what had to be done. There is no word on why the attendee did what she did but fortunately, no one was hurt. You can check out footage of the attendee being brought down below.

Be sure to keep your eyes open as you continue to party and attend events. Not only can these actions put you in danger, but it can affect those around you as well. Stay attentive and party responsibly.