Beatport Announces New CEO Robb McDaniels


Beatport, one of the largest and most well-known online destinations for tracks in the electronic music world, announced their new CEO on Tuesday morning.

Robb McDaniels, founder of INgrooves, will be taking over the company. LiveStyle, the parent company of Beatport, hired McDaniels with the intention of restrengthening he website and continuing to assert its position as the leading online music store in the industry.

Randy Phillips, the CEO and President of LifeStyle, stated about the new hire:

“Beatport is in a period of resurgent growth and has recently returned to profitability. We are excited to have Robb take the reins of Beatport during this time and look forward to his innovative leadership to continue Beatport’s upward user trends, including the company’s increased visitors, users, and track sales.”

McDaniels has played a significant role in the music industry in several capacities prior to taking this position. Beyond his role as founder and CEO of INgrooves, he also served as a venture partner for TechInvest and launched Faction Entertainment. His plans are to continue to working with these companies as he starts his new role as CEO at Beatport.

From the birth of Beatport in 2004, McDaniels has known the website to be the “preeminent DJ download store in the world.” He continues to comment:

“I have worked closely with many of the talented executives and passionate employees at the company. I know that Beatport, in partnership with its parent company LiveStyle, has the ingredients to dramatically increase the positive impact it can have on the dance and DJ community. We are looking forward to reigniting both innovation and value creation for our partners and customers at Beatport in 2018 and beyond.”