Calvin Harris Suggests Anti-Vaccine Approach, Doctors Lash Back


Calvin Harris is never one to bite his tongue when he or his friends are the subject of trolls. And just this week, Harris has put his money where it matters by donating proceeds of his Omnia show booking fee to the Las Vegas Victims fund. It’s safe to say Harris has a kind heart and actively supports causes that are greater than himself and dance music as a whole. However, his sharp tongue and passionate ideals have landed him in a bit of a rift with a group of doctors.

What began as a friendly and informative conversation about pressing health issues, shifted into a heated exchange of words when Harris suggested a “liver cleanse.” The doctors did not take this (imaginary?) concept none too well, and tweeted their disappointment at his lack of understanding.

Liver cleanse was child’s play, because the true breaking point came when Calvin referred to flu vaccines as a “free neurotoxin shot,” basically propagating an anti-vaccine agenda. He even went as far as to supplement his stance with an excerpt from a “government medical paper.”

Taking an anti-vaccine standpoint is extremely controversial in the industry and many have opted to instead keep their views to themselves. Harris quickly scrambled to delete his tweets, but like much on the internet, they are forever immortalized in virtual receipt form.

The anti-vaccine movement is one of medicine’s hotly contested counterarguments. And many see the movement as a radicalized medical conspiracy theory that causes more harm than good. There are currently no peer-reviewed research studies that definitively or identifiably link vaccinations to disease. ***One should always use discretion before curtailing sound medical advice from a professional.

Read the thread below and watch Harris get reduced to “funk” and “nu-disco” scum by some fed up doctors.