Deadmau5 Found on Tinder – Looking for a Third


Deadmau5 and girlfriend

Once upon a time people were shocked to find out that celebrities used dating applications like most of the rest of us. A while back, Hilary Duff surprised the world as she was looking for love post-divorce. Today there is one unexpected star that used Tinder to find love – well, lust: deadmau5! The recently married DJ utilized the app to its full potential by searching for a 3rd…

The internet is such an easy way to find dirt on anyone. Joel Thomas Zimmerman, better known by his stage name deadmau5, is one individual that couldn’t hide, despite his star-studded status. His fans were quick to notice that the Canadian producer was looking for a threesome while cruising through the dating application very recently.

Some of his dedicated followers were quick to judge as the notorious musician is recently married; however, most of his fans were not fazed in the slightest as the Toronto producer is known to care less about what other people think.

It’s important to note that this didn’t stop his followers from arguing what the unicorn in his profile’s description truly meant.

Hey, more power to Joel if his partner, Kelly Fedoni, is okay with it. Although there have been many proven cases of this arrangement not working in everyone’s favor, there is nothing stopping them from trying it out.