Dirtybird Campout’s East Coast Adventure


Dirtybird Records and Tech Funk don Claude VonStroke just announced the first ever East Coast edition of their flagship event – Dirtybird Campout. Two days after closing out the third annual Campout in California the Dirtybird Campout Twitter handle released the initial information for Dirtybird Campout: East Coast in a post on October 10th. The announcement features event dates confirmed for February 4th – 6th and an alligator on the promotional imagery. Many have speculated that Dirtybird Campout: East Coast will be happening somewhere in southern Florida.

While it may not have the three year history as the California based event, Dirtybird Campout: East Coast still promises to bring all the signature qualities that attendees (known as campers) and the artists (known as counselors) have grown to expect from a Dirtybird event. This adult sleepaway camp themed festival includes fun activities such as dodgeball, scavenger hunts and totem crafting. That is addition to multiple stages of music and other fun camp themed entertainment! And don’t forget that the Dirtybird Campout is all about counselors interacting with the campers and enjoying the activities themselves. It shouldn’t be a surprise if the guy decorating his bike next to you is Claude VonStroke! Take some time to earn a few camp badges or participate in the stand-up comedy show. There is plenty of time in addition to taking in some of the 13+ hours of music every day. Plus you might even get to meet some of your favorite DJs!

Dirtybird Campout: East Coast

The location and ticket sale dates have not yet been announced. But just announcing that the Campout will feature an East Coast edition has fans incredibly excited! Updates on Dirtybird Campout: East Coast are coming soon. Stay tuned to the official Dirtybird Campout website for more info as it becomes available. The first update is set to be released on October 30th.