Miami’s Dolphin Mall Targeted by Bomb Plot


With all that has happened in the world recently, the last thing we need is another bomb scare. But it looks like Dolphin Mall was almost apart of a tragic terror attack. Vicente A. Solano was plotting a bomb attack at the Mall in Miami. He intended to initiate his attack on Black Friday this November but luckily his plans were foiled at the hands of an informant along with local police.

Solano, 53, is a Honduran citizen with minor criminal history. The intentions were shared with an informant who would later tell Solano that he knows someone that can help him carry out his plan. Solano then sent the informant three videos of a man wearing a black mask and black shirt with a black Islamic flag background in attempt to replicate the ISIS videos. That is when undercover police took matters into their own hands, leading the arrest of Solano.

It is important to be cautious at all times of everything that is going on around you. Whether you are at Ultra or any other music event with a large crowd, it is important to be aware of where all the emergency exits are in case of an emergency. Have fun while you’re partying, but always remember safety is first.