EDM Magazine Acquired For $2.5 Million


EDM Magazine

EDM Magazine Acquired For $2.5 Million

US Dance Music magazine EDM (Electronic Dance Magazine) has just been acquired for $2.5 Million dollars by EDMtv founder Matt Bolton. Bolton plans to relaunch the publication as Electronic Dance Magazine and to have the magazine become an “industry-specific trade publication.” The relaunch is set for next month with former DJ Mag Editor Lesley Wright at the head.

Bolton stated“In line with our editorial vision to cover dance music differently, the magazine will be completely redesigned to create a dance music publication like no other……Our intention with the magazine is to be an expert source for those who want substance, not fluff. We will be diligent and purposeful in our coverage and are committed to reporting on all facets of the electronic music culture; the good, the bad and the sometimes, ugly.”

If all goes well, this could be a great change in direction for the magazine. The relaunch is right around the corner so we won’t have to wait too long to see the end result.