Galactic Marvl Plans First Show for Mexico Relief


Galactic Marvl has been one of EDM’s most delightful mysteries since they came around. They has provided fans with great music all the while keeping their identities a secret to the public. They have yet to be seen on stage, but it looks like we’ll finally get the chance to see them live in action. On October 14th, Galactic Marvl will be playing at Fuerza Mexico, a relief show for victims of the recent earthquakes in Mexico.

Since it’s their first show ever, they’re probably planning something special for the people who come out to support them. Other than this upcoming show, fans can expect Galactic Marvl to be on tour once their album is finished and released. Speaking of which, this seems like the first ever confirmation of an album coming. There’s just no telling when that will be so if you have the opportunity to see them this weekend, you should take it.