The Gaslamp Killer Accused of Rape


As the true filth of Harvey Weinstein and many in Hollywood is beginning to come to light, the extent of these “casting room couch” style situations is growing and growing. Harvey Weinstein is just one example of powerful celebrity using their clout to sexually harass or rape young talent, but the perversion and hypocrisy are not limited to film. Now the accusations have spread into the dance music world as well.

A Twitter user has publicly called out The Gaslamp Killer, a DJ/producer, for drugging and raping her 4 years prior. She details the entire encounter which took place at The Standard Hotel in harrowing detail.

The Gaslamp Killer issued a response to Pitchfork:

My name is William
I think it’s important that I be a part of this conversation. Firstly, I want it to be known that I would never hurt or endanger a woman. I would never drug a woman, and I would never put anyone in a situation where they were not in control, or take anything that they weren’t offering. Consent is intimate, and has left room for people who were not present to wonder what happened. In this case consent was between three people, in the form of an offer which I accepted. Allegations carry a lot of weight on social media these days, and the bravery of women who expose their stories can create necessary dialogue that leads to real change. But Chelsea’s version of this story is not true. I am thankful that I have been contacted by witnesses and my roommates at the time, in support. Please know that while I am shocked, I take this all very seriously. It is all so sensitive and needs to be treated with the utmost care and attention.