The Gaslamp Killer’s Australian Tour Axed After Rape Allegations


The recent headlines covering Harvey Weinstein and now, The Gaslamp Killer, showcase the closeted grime that is continuously allowed to fester in the business of entertainment. The Weinstein case was the starting force that rattled the industry and forcibly broke victims’ years of silence.

The Gaslamp Killer is currently under fire for allegations of the 2013 rape of two young women. The woman who goes by the Twitter handle @chelseaelaynne, recounted the night that took place at the Standard Hotel where she states she and her friend “RaeAn” were drugged and raped by the producer. Chelsea also expresses her thoughts on some of the Gaslamp’s actions that indicated his cognition of guilt, and what she sees as his shady attempts to cover his tracks.

Now promoters have decided to pull the plug on the Australian leg of the Gaslamp’s tour. Gaslamp was slated to perform at NYE event Let Them Eat Cake and a host of other events, but they have since distanced themselves from the alleged rapist.

The Operatives issued a full statement on the matter below:

You can read the Gaslamp Killer’s open letter response to the rape allegations here.