Google Announces Super Security for Vulnerable Accounts


In 2016 and 2017 hacking and leaks have come to the forefront of everybody’s minds. From phishing attacks to Equifax and leaked personal photos, everybody fears their accounts being compromised. This fear is even higher for people that are high targets for hack attacks, like politicians, journalists, and business leaders.

Now Google is deploying an advanced security system for those accounts most at risk of targeted attacks. Known as the Advanced Protection Program, it uses a physical security key that replaces all other forms of authentication. No more text message codes or anything, because you will be given a USB stick that must be inserted during login.

While this comes with major added security, it also has major drawbacks. The security automatically limits third party apps from accessing the account, and this includes Apple’s Mail, Calendar, Contacts, etc. The only way to access the mail will be with Gmail or Google’s Inbox.

The system will include added security questions for anybody trying to use a “forgot password” system to log in to your account. It will actually take “a few days” to restore your account if you lose the security key.