Google’s New Clips Camera Could Be a Gamechanger


Today was Google‘s big day. A slew of new hardware was announced, from the Google Home Mini to the Google Home Max, and new Pixel 2 phones. While all of the previous items were leaked in some form, Google managed to keep one very interesting secret. The company unveiled a new type of camera that is sure to become a hit with the Instagram community, and it has a ton of potential for EDM fans as well.

It’s called Google Clips, and it’s the most 2017 thing ever. It’s a camera designed to take candid pictures of you automatically from its perch. Now you won’t have to ask your friend to take pictures of you for Instagram. You can clip it to an object or set it down while you do something and it fires away. It will take short videos which you can trim into GIFs or you can freeze-frame into a picture at the perfect moment. It uses “machine-learning” to know when to take pictures, so it’s not just recording everything you do. The camera is made to work in-sync with the new Pixel 2 phones.

The first version of this camera is more aimed at basic uses like people with small babies or their dogs, but you can already see the epic potential here. Once a camera like this is turned into a rugged GoPro style action-cam you can just attach it to your totem pole and forget about it. Google Clips isn’t available yet but you can get more information and sign up for a waitlist here. This might have the staying power that Snapchat’s Spectacles lacked. Check out the promotional video above.