Who’s Alexa? Diplo & Valentino Khan Promote Google Home Max


Google devise

Arguably one of the most groundbreaking companies, Google, has been making waves time and time again with their innovative technology and robotic creations. Recently this multi-billion dollar business has released the Google Home Mini which was designed to directly compete against Amazon’s invention, the Echo Dot. As technology continues to evolve, Google stepped it up one notch further as they have created a fresh new product entitled the Google Home Max. Being the ingenious company that they are, the innovators have hired the talented Diplo and Valentino Khan to assist with the promotion of the device.

The revolutionary tool will allow its users the opportunity to utilize a vast variety of streaming services which include: YouTube Music, Spotify, as well as Google Play. You may think “that sounds like the still unreleased Apple HomePod, or the Sonos Play:1” – if so, you are completely correct. The gadget was created to compete against the two also wonderful devises.

“Just like the Pixel RE IMAGINED the camera, we’ll do the same with sound, the speaker needs to adjust to your home. So today, we’re announcing smart sound, that allows the speaker to adjust to you: your home, your preferences.” -Rishi Chandra

Dropping as early as December in the United Sates, users may purchase the Google Home Max for $399 – which also includes a free 12 month subscription to YouTube Music. For artists like Valentino Khan and Diplo, this gadget is crucial for the overall sound quality that they desire as well as the practicality of enjoying music in every room that they are in. Will you be purchasing one upon its release?