Gramatik Releases Re:Coil EP Part I


Currently in the middle of his European Re:Coil tour playing out all of his new music, Gramatik has now shared it publicly Stateside as well, dropping his brand new EP Re:Coil Part I. Included on the EP are three previously released tracks: “Voyager Twins” with Galactic Marvl, “Recovery” featuring Eric Krasno, and recently released single “Aymo” featuring Balkan Bump & Talib Kweli. In addition to the EP, Gramatik has also launched his very own cryptocurrency token, inspired by his fascination with science, technology and the progress our species has made in the realm of digitization. Gramatik released the EP on his own label Lowtemp Music.

Along with the three previously heard tracks, Re:Coil Part I includes new songs “Future Krypto,” “Goldilocks Enigma,” and “Halcyon.” Gramatik explores a wide variety of sounds on the EP, proving his versatility and ability to please fans from numerous genres.

As for his cryptocurrency token, it is called GRMTK, and will allow any artist who purchases  it to have complete control over how they distribute their work through the decentralized channel SingularDTV. Owners of the token will also have a share of the artist’s intellectual and creative property, giving them a share of royalties. You can read more about the release Gramatik’s token here, and take a listen to the EP in its entirety below: