Josh Young Reveals Reason for Leaving Flosstradamus


It’s been almost a year since Josh Young stunned the electronic music world by deciding to resign his position as one half of the illustrious trap duo Flosstradamus. Since then, Young has been one of the hardest working men in the industry, releasing more than 60 tracks and two mix-tapes. The public was given little-to-no reason for the December, 2016 Floss disassembly. Curt Cameruci continues to perform and create music under the Flosstradamus name.

In a recent interview with runthetrap, Josh Young (now known as YehMe2) discussed the decision to leave Cameruci and focus on the solo project. Like with many collaborative artists who eventually split, Young was heavily motivated by the interest to take his own creative process in a more personal direction.

As Young continues to establish himself and his YehMe2 brand, he has shared some struggles with overcoming the stigma of ‘just being a hypeman’. With so much new music being created from the pure vision of Josh Young, it seems as if he’s starting to overcome that stigma and continue to flourish as a producer and DJ. Believe it or not, some of the YehMe2 tracks being released are some of the first you’ve heard by Young. As part of his collaboration with Cameruci, Young worked mostly on remixes and collabs while Curt handled the original tracks.

YehMe2 has upcoming collaborations with Troyboi, Seno, Drunken Masters, and Whipped Cream coming soon. You can catch him on his “Steal This Tour” whose tickets are on sale now.