Lil Wayne Jacks Knife Party Logo for Halloween Event


It’s not unusual to see the occasional Twitter beef on the timeline between artists claiming theft or outright plagiarism. It’s actually become almost a rite of passage in the realm of “EDM Twitter.” Someone on Lil Wayne‘s team should’ve told him he could have benefitted from a simple Google search before he chose the design for his Halloween celebration, avoiding him a spot in the center of this week’s EDM Twitter beef.

Lil Wayne is kicking off Halloween night with a celebration for his friend Jas Prince for a simple night of “all treats, and no tricks.” All pure fun, except if you’re a fan of Knife Party you may notice something off about the promotional poster. The jack-o-lantern cut-out logo at the center, is none other than Knife Party’s logo for their Halloween-themed album Haunted House. 

Twitter user @nicko378 was quick to draw back the curtain on Weezy’s blunder and even provided the damning evidence: screenshots.

Something tells us this incident was unintentional, and certainly could’ve been avoided.

No comment as of yet from Weezy.