Lost Lands Prehistoric Paradox Stage Catches Fire, is Temporarily Shut Down


The inaugural Lost Lands Festival is making headlines before it has concluded after a volcano stage prop caught on fire. Last night during Destroid’s set, one of the centerpiece volcanos on the Prehistoric Paradox stage became engulfed in flames, causing the main stage to temporarily shut down. Throughout the first two days, the volcanos were blasting a massive amount of flame and CO2 without any problems, but with any first time event, organizers must prepare for the worst.

When the fire erupted, Destroid members KJ Sawka, Excision and Downlink continued to play, communicating with each other and their sound techs via headset when they got word of the fire. The situation led to the stage being shuttered, but only temporarily. The fire was dealt with swiftly and the show went on within about 30 minutes. After the fire was put out and Zeds Dead had taken the stage, EDMTunes was able to chat briefly with KJ Sawka about what he experienced on stage during this ordeal.

“I definitely had a moment while this was going on thinking, ‘is this the Destroid final moment? Like, it’s in the name, Destroid. Are we about to destroy everything?’ These volcanos, they’ve never ever been done before. The amount of C02 and flame that’s coming out of these volcanoes has never been done before. Each one has two jet engines underneath them pumping jet fuel shooting out C02 and flames, and I was thinking, if a jet engine did blow up and all the jet fuel blew up, there would probably be some casualties, and probably us on stage too, so that’s exciting.” – KJ Sawka

Fortunately for all attendees and the band members, KJ’s very honest thinking did not become a reality, and he was able to speak about it in jest when it was confirmed that nobody was hurt. The show went on without pyrotechnics, but absence of flames certainly did not put a damper on an incredible evening. This isn’t the first time that intense dubstep has lit a stage on fire, literally. Back in 2016 the BassPod stage at EDC Vegas similarly caught fire as well. You can see some clips of the event below, and fortunately it was nothing more serious than a short delay.