Luttrell – Contact


Luttrell Contact

Luttrell – Contact

The producer/DJ from San-Francisco has made some serious career leap in the past twelve months. With his involvement in the ABGT 250 and Above & Beyond’s Anjunadeep label,¬†Luttrell has been producing unique melodic techno tunes for his fans. The latest of which, ‘Contact‘, is out now on Anjunadeep.

Contact‘ is clearly a melodic journey that the Valley man has created for his fans. Soulful echoing vocals mark the start of the track with a skipping drum beat in the background. As the tension rises with the vocals it comes to a magical halt. Then begins the flowing nature of the tune leaves us charmed and how. Running at a low BPM yet it won’t fail to make it to your mid-week playlist. Listen to it below and let us know what you think.

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