Marshmello Has a Super Awkward Interview with Radio Disney



Halloween is finally upon us and many electronic dance music enthusiasts have their eyes locked on Marshmello as he is one of the only artists that is constantly disguised year round. As the limelight continues to shine on Mello, Radio Disney is keeping the beloved producer in the spotlight with their recent silent game of ‘Hot or Not‘ – trust us, it’s as odd as it sounds. Get it? Because marshmallows can’t talk. Lulz were had apparently.

The somewhat enigma of a character that is Marshmello has captured his fans attention with his easily digestible and catchy tracks. His followers are mostly in the younger demographic, so result Radio Disney seems like a natural place for Marshmello to end up. Between this being a Disney interview, the silence, and the subject matter the entire thing was just weird. You can check it out for yourself below.

Here you have it:

  • Trick or treating? Hot.
  • Halloween remixes? Hot.
  • Only wearing animal ears as a costume? Sort of…
  • Fake blood? Hot.
  • Candy corn? Hot.
  • Halloween parties? Hot.
  • Carving pumpkins? Hot.
  • Wearing masks? Hot.
  • Couples costumes? Hot.
  • Scary movies? Not.
  • But haunted houses? Hot.
  • Halloween in general? Hot.

Whatever you may personally feel is hot or not – the famous DJ did not hold back on his honest feelings which is something to admire. However, candy corn? Ya, I think we can all agree that that one should have been kept a secret (unlike his true identity…).