Miami Police Concerned About Securing Ultra After Vegas Shooting


After the horrible events that transpired in Las Vegas Miami police cant help but feel concerned about something similar possibly going down at Ultra Music Festival. A shooter took many lives from atop the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay during the final day of the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival. It would be devastating if anything similar happened at Ultra.

With various high rise buildings surrounding Bayfront Park, the venue is frequently used to hosting many festivities. Local police are speaking on what they feel they are going to do to take actions to prevent another tragedy from unfolding, with Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina mentioning,

Like Las Vegas, we have a lot of outside venues with the weather and people want to be outside,” he said. “We train and go over scenarios, active shooter scenarios where people are reminded to get where the shooter is.

It’s something to consider now that we meet with the folks from Ultra since you mention it and we will speak specifically about some issues,” Colina said. “In the past we have talked about putting people place as spotters on rooftops of buildings on close proximity and this is always something to keep in mind.

Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez says the public can help deter such tragedies by being aware and vigilant and if you start to notice unusual patterns and disturbing changes in behavior, also stating,

Pay attention to what your surroundings are, what you see in your neighborhood, what people are saying and what their responses are,” Perez said. “There’s always indications, always indications, where people say, ‘I wished I had called 911.’ We would rather be called and be nothing than to risk what happened in Las Vegas.”