A Berlin Nightclub Banned Turntables And CDJ’s


In one of the strangest turn of events a Berlin, Germany based nightclub has decided to ban turntables and CDJ’s from its establishment to go against the usual clubbing experience. In an official statement from Kreuzberg club Liquid Sky Berlin they declared themselves as a venue that does not “represent ordinary DJ culture”. The club wrote in a post: “This is NOT because we disrespect DJs. It’s because we are not just another Berlin nightclub. We support other formats / unique styles / different thinking / alternative tastes and emerging uses of both newer and older technology.”

The club who UK duo Coldcut slated for a dj set this Friday night, invites anyone that plays on a unique device to spin such as Nintendo Game Boys, short wave radios, tape players and even “hacked home fitness trainers.” It looks like this the perfect time to crack out the Fisher-Price turntables we previously reported for a dj set, ladies and gentlemen.