Nightclub Bouncers Are Now Training For Terror Attacks



Given the frequency of terror attacks on concerts and nightclubs in recent years, the safety of a night out comes into question. In response to this, a new initiative in the United Kingdom is aiming to provide terror attack training for bouncers at nightclubs and music venues as well as private security guards.

The threat level in Britain is currently “severe,” which means that a terror attack is likely. Government and police leaders are taking steps to ensure the safety of the public and train individuals with the ability to protect. According to Newsweek, one of the top police chiefs of London spoke about examining the “untapped potential” of the security sector at the National Security Summit on Wednesday.

“Vigilance in the public space is critical, and there are many, many more private security guards out there than there are police officers,” the Metropolitan Police Assitant said. “We are looking at how we train them more effectively to be a better part of the national armory that we have against terrorism.” Security guards can be a crucial element in the counterterrorism effort in Britain. The training plan entails training security personnel┬áto detect suspicious activity that takes place within their areas of operation. However, they will not be given additional legal authority or tasked with protecting the public with arms.

The move follows a number of attacks in recent years, such as the Manchester attack at Ariana Grande’s┬áconcert back in May, the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando last year, and the attacks in Paris a year prior. Britain has suffered from one of the worst cases of homegrown radicalization in Europe, facing four attacks claimed by ISIS this year, killing a total of 35 people and injuring dozens more. A bouncer reportedly helped ward off the three-man jihadi cell in the Borough Market attack on June 3, according to Newsweek.

h/t Mixmag