Pauls Paris – Make Your Mind Up (Axwell & New_ID Remode)


Pauls Paris – Make Your Mind Up (Axwell & New_ID Remode)

Australian producer Pauls Paris created the timeless track ‘Make Your Mind Up‘ nearly six years ago. Originally it was given to Axwell as a demo and debuted as part of the Swedish House Mafia take over of Pete Tong’s Essential Selection on BBC Radio 1 in May of 2011.

Speaking of the original version Axwell has said:

“This one brings it back to kind of where it was in like 98 you know its a very spiritual sounding vocal and has a very special vibe. These days there are a lot of instrumental records coming out or there’s somebody yelling at you. This one, it’s really soulful and I miss that a little bit and I want to bring that back”

However six years passed and the song was never officially released. Over those six years ‘Make Your Mind Up’ saw several different versions but a final version that satisfied Axwell’s and Paris’s vision was never made. In 2017 Axwell and fellow Axtone DJ New_IDĀ came up with a remode that was premiered at Miami Music Week and again at Tomorrowland. Two months later the Axwell & New ID Remode had its official debut on BBC Radio 1.

The track has been reworked up and down and put through the ringer to create a song that captures a modern and classic sound. CombingĀ Moses York‘s “80s-esque” vocals with buzzing synths and pounding percussion ‘Make Your Mind Up’ has a distinct spiritual sound is needed in today’s dance music world.

A free download of the original song and additional remix will be available later this year. Stay tuned for more music from Pauls Paris. In the meantime we give you a masterpiece whose journey yearns to have it played.

Pauls Paris – Make Your Mind Up (Axwell & New ID Remode)