Move Over Fyre Fest, This Joke of a Festival Actually Happened


Promoting a festival, especially from the ground up, is hard work folks. Production is expensive and people have high expectations. Fyre Festival was probably the most spectacular example of a festival that completely under-delivered on its promises, but it was not the last. Enter, South Carolina’s The Gathering. This festival was such an abomination you’ll think it was a joke, but it wasn’t. “Porchella” comes to mind.

A company called EDM UNITED EVENTS held an event in Charleston, South Carolina. Attendees paid $130+ for a ticket and were promised 4 stages and a lineup featuring ATLiens, Leah Culver, and a half dozen more DJs. What actually went down is basically just as bad as Fyre Festival was, just on a smaller scale that didn’t quite make it into the “humanitarian catastrophe” level. 

When attendees actually arrived the sight was something to behold, except in a bad way. We’ve got 2 of the 4 stages pictured, and they look like something 4 college kids put together the day of (and let’s be honest that’s probably what happened here). Be careful who you give your money to, folks.