Pioneer DJ Introduces DJS-1000 Standalone Sampler


Pioneer DJ has just released an innovative standalone sampler that will change the game for DJs. The DJS-1000 will allow DJs to take their sets to the next level with a 7-inch full-color touch screen, 16 multi-colored step input keys, 16 performance pads, and an easy to use interface. These are just a few of the special feature the sampler will have, making live playing more efficient.

DJS-1000 features include:

  • Step sequencer
  • Touch Strip
  • Multicolored Performance Pads
  • 7-inch full-color touch screen
  • Syncing with various external devices
  • Live Sampling
  • FX
  • Easiness in adding to a CDJ setup
  • USB device support
  • 2,500 pre-downloaded samples

A-list DJs including Luciano and Gorgon City have already commended the product saying the DJS-1000 creates “the possibility of recreating and rewriting music all in one shoot“.

Pioneer is honing in on DJs who use a full CDJ setup and are influencing them to add sampling and sequences in their mixes. Once the DJS-1000 is added into a setup the DJ can create new sounds or phrases in advance or loop them into his set as he wants. A DJ must be aware that they need to be able to send a signal into the DJS-1000 from any deck. Since there’s only 1 pair of 1/4: inputs, the most ideal setup is to have a dedicated Send/Return FX on a mixer. This will allow you to send any deck to the DJS-1000.

It is interesting to note that Pioneer’s newest sampler is simpler to the TORAIZ SP-16 which was released in April 2016. The TORAIZ had all the same features that the DJS-1000 has, however in the official release video it is discussed that the DJS-1000 contains a few unique new modes. You can learn more about the innovative new sampler in the video below.