Pioneer DJ Unveils New Bluetooth Speakers



Pioneer DJ is a brand of the Pioneer Corporation that represents the company’s range of DJ products. Recently the groundbreaking company has unveiled the DM-40BT, or in simpler terms, a new pair of Bluetooth speakers that are perfectly designed for its user’s producing and DJing needs.

Many musicians have the difficult task of working with Bluetooth audio. Infamous for reducing sound quality and not delivering the aspired melodic result, Pioneer DJ offers a great solution: the modern aptX codecs. The result offers a higher sound quality and low-latency which are realized in the 40BTs.

As technology continues to evolve, the devices become smaller, and in most cases, much more efficient. The DM-40BT is a perfect example as the mere 4-inch cones can be connected to any Bluetooth compatible device. There is also another great alternative; its users can hook up the cones and tweeter to the mini-jack inputs in the back. Both of the tools utilize Pioneer DJ’s Groove Technology. Essentially while both of the gadgets are being used, they work to avoid frequency smearing. The DECO convex diffusers grant the higher frequencies to spread which results in delivering a greater sweet spot.

Consumers can acquire this wonderful user-friendly pair at only €199. Perfectly designed to enhance a beginner producer or DJ’s studio for practicing one’s skills and for home listening. There are many great substitutes for musical newcomers, however, this pair seems to be the one that shines above them all.