Porter Robinson Unveils New Project & Single to Go Along With It


It seems every few months Porter Robinson fans get excited about the prospect of new music, and then it fades away as the chances grow slim of it coming true. Yet out of the clear blue today Porter dropped a huge musical bomb on all of us (in a good way). He unveiled a brand new side project, dubbed Virtual Self. We’re not sure at this point where Virtual Self is an alias of Porter or a separate artist, but it sure sounds like Porter.

A bit of research brings up three Twitter accounts related to this project. There’s @virtual_self, @pathselector, and @technic_angel. Each one has some videos that relate to the project. Could it be an album or some sort of anime series? The internet sleuths at Reddit are hard at work solving the mystery.

Porter also unveiled a new single for the project called “Eon Break“. Eon Break is an immensely atmospheric and yet energetic single. It’s like the same vibe of Worlds, yet sped up with happy hardcore elements that make it naturally danceable. It almost sounds like a Dance Dance Revolution song, and the anime influence remains strong with this as it does with much of Porter’s recent work. The audio and visual elements bring you into that wonderful Anime world that Porter so adores. Actually, in looking back at all the evidence this sure seems like it’s a Porter alias. Next time you see Porter live, let us know if he plays out this epic “Eon Break”. Check out the full music video above.