Rave Radio Continues To Astonish With Latest Tunes On ‘Carry You’


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Rave Radio has had a meteoric rise to success in the Australian dance music scene. But what appears to be an almost overnight success is actually over six years of hard work for the duo. James and Brett have been carefully honing their craft, and it is finally starting to pay off. Having traveled the world to almost 70 different countries to showcase their unique sound, they came to a point where it was long overdue for a sonic change.

Thus, ‘Carry You‘ was born. In collaboration with Gamble & Burke, along with some of the A&Rs at a friendly label, this melodic pop record came to life. This pivot was just what these two guys needed to push their careers to the next level. Already gaining a lot of traction in the dance music space, only time will tell what they will do next. We had a chance to chat with them briefly about this record and about the Rave Radio project, so check out what Brett and James had to say below.

How did you two meet, and how did the Rave Radio project come together?
James – We actually dated the same girl and met when we both turned up to pick her up one night.
Brett –  I wish our story were that interesting. We met a music college and were the only two into house music.

At what moment did you guys know that you made it, and how long did it take for you to get to that moment?
B – You never really make it in this business. As soon as you get complacent, you fall off.
J – We’re always setting goals for ourselves, so when you get those, you set more goals. So we don’t feel like we’ve made it until we’re playing main stage Tomorrowland.

Your latest release, ‘Carry You’, was a bit of a new direction for you guys. For those unfamiliar with your older tracks, how would you define them compared to your newest track?
B – We’ve grown a lot as artists over the last year with all this touring. We just started making music for our DJ sets, so a lot of heavy drops and aggressive bass lines.
J – Club music just has such a short shelf life and we wanted to write music people would connect with long after they hear it on the dance floor. ‘Carry You’ is the first of many songs that evoke an emotional response and show our growth from DJs to songwriters.

What can we look forward to from you guys between now and next summer?
J – We’ve added a keyboard and voice box to our live drum/DJ set, so lots more live elements in our sets. We’ve also got 3 singles to follow up ‘Carry You’ with that we’re really excited about.
B – Lots of lame travel selfies.

Tell us some of your favorite none-musical activities and hobbies that keep you sane while you’re touring or you’re on the road!
B – I’ve made it my mission to try every Big Mac in every country. They’re all made a little bit different
J – We’re both really into our fitness, so we’re at the gym 6 days a week, sometimes there’s no gym at the hotel, so we’re doing curls with our luggage and doing chin-ups off ceiling fans.