Steve Angello’s ‘Rejoice’ Featured in NBA Promo Video


Steve Angello

Nothing gets me more excited than when two of my favourite worlds come together as one to get fans excited for what the future will bring. This time around, the NBA and Steve Angello have come together to create one of the most electrifying promo videos for the upcoming NBA season. Whether you’re a basketball fan or not, there is no doubt that this video will give you chills.

On October 18th, the NBA Twitter account tweeted, “Oh, this is going to be fun”, featuring their promo video and Steve Angello’s ‘Rejoice’ proudly acting as the soundtrack in the background. The song, ‘Rejoice’, from Angello’s Genesis EPfeatures the powerful statement vocals of Thomas Dexter James, who is a Bishop from West Virginia. The song itself starts off with hard hitting words that inspire motivation and change, perfect for the start of a new sports season.

“You have to fix the mind before you can bestow the blessing
Because until they get their mind right
Everything you invest in them is going to leak out
Of the crevices of a mind that refuses to change”

At seven and a half minutes, the song is a journey in itself. Building with moments that feel like silence, the track finally drops some filthy electro that we know of Angello in the last minute.

Watch: Steve Angello’s Track Featured in NBA Promo Video

While you’re at it, listen to the greatness that is the Genesis EP