[Interview] Tritonal Talks Touring And Trance


Between releasing their 300th track off their label Enhanced Recordings and crushing their Horizon Tour together with Seven Lions and Kill The Noise, Chad and Dave from Tritonal have been keeping real busy.  We at EDMTunes were lucky to get a few minutes of their time to answer a couple questions.

1With a name like Tritonal, how often do you guys use tritones in your music?

Chad – Haha!  Rarely ever actually. We liked that “Tritonal” is an explosive, 80% TNT actually and that a Tritone is a chord. Musical explosivity is the vibe, we’re not trying to use diminished 5ths in every record.

2So you guys have your Horizons Tour together with Seven Lions and Kill The Noise. How is it playing so many shows with those guys?

Chad – Tour kicks off in two weeks, tell you once we’ve got a few under our belt!

3And off of that, you guys have played a ton of shows already this year. What would you say was your favorite performance of the year? And what was your favorite city?

Chad – Tough one! Has to either be EZOO or SMF Festival in Tampa…. although Lollapalooza was pretty fun too! We love festivals, and its been such a great year so far!

4You guys recently released a remix of Armin’s ‘Sunny Days’. Who would you say your favorite artist to remix is? And why?

Dave – We love Armin! Always a great song when it comes from him! But we also remixed Rudimental’s “Sun Come’s Up” which we enjoyed as well! We also have remixed the Chainsmokers a couple times. As for a ‘favorite’ to remix – I think it really all comes down to what we love about the song really. Throughout our career as Tritonal we’ve gotten to remix many artists, but we always know it comes down to the record! We really have an utmost respect for any artist we remix and are thankful for the opportunities!

5Speaking of Armin’s track, you have strong roots in trance. With trance gaining in popularity over the years, is there any chance we might see a full trance EP from you?

Dave – Hah! We definitely would love to do that during a time it makes sense for us! We love bringing what we love from trance though into our own takes. We always have loved the melodies, emotions and uplifting feelings trance gives and we do our best to fuse it into our ways.

6What is your go to genre of music to listen to that isn’t trance or house?

Dave – Chillout, Pop and some R&B! It’s a good break away from the normal and honestly keeps our heads in a way that can also give us perspective on a record we’d be working on.

7And finally, You guys have released an album almost every year since 2011 but have not put anything out yet this year. Any plans?

Dave – We always have plans! hah! We actually have so much material if we wanted to put together another album, we totally could. However, we feel the timing and what we want to do with the year ahead needs to make sense for us as well! So much music ahead though!