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Vodka Ice Cream Is Here, Why Didn’t We Think of This?

Vodka Ice Cream Flavors

Are you tired of the same old traditional ways of consuming alcohol? Although some still enjoy sipping on their drink of choice in a glass (or through a funnel, on occasion), the Baltimore based company, ArcticBuzz, has launched a line of ice cream that combines a variety of flavors and a big splash of vodka guaranteed to make you feel good!

If you have ever put vodka in your freezer, you are aware that it kicks up the flavor and is ultimately more enjoyable. The creative business has worked on numerous recipes to perfect their desired product. Their staff had the very difficult task of taste testing their new it product in order to achieve the best hand churned, homemade, smooth frozen dairy dessert. The end result is simple groundbreaking.

ArcticBuzz has worked closely with a local distillery to formulate a variety of flavors specifically for their ice creams. Your taste buds will be tingling being exposed to options like: cookies and cream, key lime pie, raspberry, vanilla, coconut and chocolate. If the delicious flavors weren’t appealing enough, all of tubs contain in between 8.6%-8.9% of alcohol per volume.

The company is quickly expanding; however, their locations are still limited. The positive buzz is quickly traveling around the world, but the buzz that you will get from their tempting products is even better. Has this shifted your traditional way of consuming alcohol?

We scream for ice cream has been given a whole new perspective. Bring it on!



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