That Story About Skrillex Stealing Wiwek’s Girlfriend is Fake News


Even as we wind down 2017, fake news continues to permeate even within dance music. Today the EDM blogosphere exploded with stories that jungle-terror DJ Wiwek was calling out Skrillex (who collaborated with him on “Killa“) for stealing his girlfriend. In fact, reports went that Wiwek told everybody to toss “Killa” in the trash. Considering Sonny’s reputation as a nice guy without much drama, this was a major deal. Talk about explosive!

As it turns out, the rush to jump on juicy Twitter drama resulted in an awkward case of fake news. The entire thing was some sort of inside joke that obviously went way too far. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet, folks. Thankfully, this means we can all retrieve “Killa” from the trash and bump it proudly once more.