ZTE Axon M Brings Flip Phones Back

ZTE Axon

ZTE Axon M

We’ve been bringing back trends from the 90s lately. So before you start wondering when the flip phone is going to enjoy a resurgence, ZTE has made it’s new Axon M phone foldable with two screens.

The two 5.2-inch full HD displays allow for new levels of multitasking as users can pull up two apps at the same time or have the two screens merge for a larger display perfect for games, as seen in the video. If they don’t have to multitask, users also have the option of turning off one screen or having the screens mirror each other. The downside of having two screens is that the phone is thicker, measuring just over 12mm.

Even though the double screen features are rather impressive, ZTE is keeping the insides of the phone on the simple side. Axon M won’t be running the latest Android Oreo, has 4GB of RAM and runs on a Snapdragon 821 processor rather than the newer Snapdragon 835. With 64GB storage and up to 2TB microSD expansion, there will be ample room for lots of apps and media. Since there are two screens, there is just one 20MP rear-facing camera that still works for selfies.

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