Bad Royale Trims Group Down to Three Members


bad royale minus 1

Trouble in the Land of Bad Royale?

Over the past year, Bad Royale have exploded onto the scene. They’ve released EP’s and singles on Diplo’s Mad Decent label, toured around the country playing at major festivals, and have done guest mixes for the likes of Diplo and Friends and Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy (1.25). But everything doesn’t seem all that great in the land of Bad Royale.

Today on Twitter, Bad Royale posted a picture with the caption “New us, who dis?” with only three members shown in their cartoon caricatures. This of course started a bit of a frenzy as their fans began asking questions as to which member left- or got kicked out- of the hugely popular group. Bad Royale was intentionally very ambiguous and vague in answering fans, but a couple fans began throwing out the name Maor Levi. It’s not confirmed as of yet whether or not the trance producer is the odd man out, but only time will tell.

This seems to be a new trend going on in the trap world.  Recently Flosstradamus and LOUDPVCK announced that their groups would be splitting up due to the members wanting to do their own thing. Bad Royale looks like they’ve done the same. Although they aren’t splitting up, the group seems to be going in a different direction. We’ll make sure to provide any updates as the days go on. In the meantime, you can check out the twitter post below.