Diplo Becomes One Of The First To Destroy The New iPhone X


With the new innovations on the iPhone X, it was expected that everyone would try to get their hands on one a quickly as possible. This was no different for dance industry forerunners, such as Diplo, and many others, who snagged theirs within the first week of the phone’s release. However, in Diplo’s case, this frenzy was short lived as he shared with the world that he has already shattered his iPhone X.

While paintballing with friends during his birthday weekend this past weekend, Diplo took a shot right where he held his phone in his pocket. Although shielding him from physical pain, the phone was unsuccessful of protecting him from heart pain as the impact of the shot shattered his new iPhone’s screen. It has been reported that the iPhone X has the most delicate screen of any iPhone ever released. You can check out Diplo’s post of his iPhone below.