Group um.. Trolls Their Fans With Fake Breakup


The DJ Duo um.. scared their fan base recently when they put out a song titled ‘this is our last song’ making people think it actually was their last song. To take it even further one of the group members was doing a Reddit AMA two months ago and even said on there they were disbanding. No official announcement was made so this left their fans not only sad but also confused.

It turns out they decided to do it as a joke because they are not really breaking up. They put out a video on Facebook revealing that it was all a hoax and they are still together. The 2 guys have a good sense of humor so they enjoy playing around with their fans like this.

They joked the fake break up was a Halloween trick, but have followed up with several treats. By giving their fans news of new merchandise and new music, the duo attempts to make up for playing their fans. Check out the hilarious video above.