Eric Prydz Announces Tonja Holma EP Release


New Eric Prydz is pretty always coming “soon”. However, that still leaves wonder 1) which alias 2) which track and 3) how soon is soon? For those casually paying attention, you’d remember that so far these past few months Eric Prydz has mentioned a Pryda album, the release of “Stay with Me“, and the first ever release from his Tonja Holma alias. Now we finally know that the first ever Tonja Holma release will actually be an EP.

Tonja Holma is Eric’s 4th alias and one of his most mysterious. Nobody is quite certain what the name means and nobody can quite describe the difference between Tonja Holma music and his other music, but we love it all the same. Based on Eric’s EPIC Radio 21 it sounds like we can expect “Spanish Delight” and a new one called “Global” to make the cut. Could it be more than that? The Tonja Holma EP officially drops on November 13.